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Did you watch any preseason NBA basketball?
Surely I did not watch a bleep. Actually I listen a lot lately and I do a lot of reading due to my hectic work schedule.
NBA is coming back strong this Tuesday. Lakers will play the Warriors to open this season. The writing on the wall for Lakers this whole preseason is about their age. No need to give it to you one by one when most of the players are more than 30+ years old.

Yes they do have experience. They are going to be slow to play team like the Suns or the Bucks that love high tempo game. As always Lakers will play control game and slow down the other team rhythm. This is the only way for them to win games ad continue to be effective in the fourth quarter. My only issue with Lakers, they are rebuilding in a rebuilding roster.

The idea of winning now is on the megaphone. Since most of the players did have a rest this last season, I expect to see how 82 games will affect them in the playoffs. It is ridicule to think it is a problem for the Lakers not winning a preseason game. They know better.
Tomorrow playing Warriors will be a testament of how the season will be for the Lakers.
They will find rhythm to score since they have Carmelo. I hope he plays some D.
Every time Jams has new teammates, they find ways to blend and make it work.
This is why having a leader in the court is vital for a team victory.
Let me say this, healthy James, Anthony, Carmelo in the post season will not be easy for any team.
Just saying.
What team are you following?


Let's goooooo. So ready for this, feel like it's been ages