Basketball and Crypto in The Blockchain

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Hi again!

Here is something interesting about crypto, NFTs, and basketball.


The NBA joined forces with Canadian-based Dapper Labs, creators of the CryptoKitties game, to form its adaptation of a collectible digital asset. NBA Top Shot could be a crypto-collectible and shoppers can buy it as a non-fungible token. Each NFT is connected to the blockchain. This viably offers every NFT an interesting and non-hackable certificate of genuineness. So even in the case, some person makes a great duplicate of the highlight video, it'll immediately be detected as a copy and not the original.

At this moment, “packs” to that one needs in the game start from $9.00 and they’re always hard to find, as I have noticed. Caty Tedman, one of the people in their MKT team, taking care of punctual and strategic partnerships at Dapper Labs, mentioned that Top Shots has produced more than $230 million up to this point, in spite of the fact that the bigger part came from dealers trading the collectibles after the first ICO. Dapper gains income through expenses captured from peer-to-peer exchanges and by launching on the market new NFTs.


Top Shots developed from an authorizing understanding the NBA and its players’ union has signed with Dapper Labs three years ago.
The NBA agreed with the licenses for Dapper Laps, making a limited amount to form scarcity in this way. There are NFTs that include certain events in the game through computerized work of art. One is as of now recorded for over $240,000.

This year, Dapper managed to bring in $250 million and presently it boomed at $2 billion because of the sudden notoriety of Top Shot.
With the reserves, Dapper will easily proceed to extend its blockchain, Flow. Tedman, one of the makers of Top Shot, said it presently has generally 350,000 enlisted clients and stated that Flow can superiorly handle a better capacity for commercial trades. That didn't happen when CryptoKitties felt on their head! Hihi!

source and how to track their transactions

Their mobile game, planned to go wild this year, is supposed to permit customers to construct NBA-like lists by procuring NFT best events, and even jump in contests/challenges. Plus conceivably win more rare NFTs that can boost in value.


We can see added value here when it comes to the use of blockchain for Sports such as Basketball, more advocacy and selling for the NBA, and a great way for the fans to be part of this momentum to own something valuable.
I am a collector so I might jump in soon. I am also passionate about projects like this BUT I always ask and expect more from them.

What do you think?

My optimism will always be based on stats.



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I don't think it's a matter of fairness here, @logiczombie. They just do whatever they please.

There are links provided to the original articles.

There are tons of posters who re-post stories they find interesting with some sort of summary and or paraphrasing of the story referenced.

Hell, that's at least 50% of what I post myself.

Isn't a movie review basically plagiarism of a copyrighted movie, I mean, they're just re-spinning/re-writing the plot of the movie, right?


That graphic is not very promising.

It looks like an elitist market for VIP buyers or at least people who want to collect for high bids. But since there is no competition, I think, they have a great advantage in the niche.

Great post!

You got that right.

I'd love it if they could offer a free NFT at least once per month.
I'd love it if they could lower the prices and make their NFTs more accessible...
But let's see what's next. They have promised big developments.

I had already seen information from TopShot in fact I have my account, I only entered as a voyeur, I think it is an excellent adoption by the NBA, it was not clear to me if they were real NFTs or not, I will have to take a look again.

I also wondered if they had it converted to swf/flash.
I might look into this.

Thank you so much for coming by and reading this.
Have you noticed the value drop? I checked it about 2 hours ago

What drop in value are you referring to?

In the no of the users.

If I have noticed it is too much, there must be something that the community has not liked, I think that by the fact of being centralized they can manipulate prices and things like that, you have to investigate before investing, the NFTs are very nice and the idea excites me as a collector and basketball lover, but we must be informed well before.

What TopShot has done has been very impressive. It served as motivation to make this tribe as I saw how well basketball fans were acclimating to a blockchain setting. I hope to one day do something like that with our platform here and create/sell NFT’s in congregation with the NFTShowroom!

It can be done starting


@pacolimited are you interested in creating a basketball NFT, my friend?
I'd love to see one made by you and minted on NFTShowroom.