Oh!! COVID here we go Again

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Kyrie Irving is one of the few NBA players who has refused to receive any dose of the COVID-19 vaccine


According to New York's policy, you may not play at home games, since only vaccinated people are allowed into the pavilion. With decisions like this, he may destroy his career, but also put his health and that of the people he meets at risk.
What do you think of this guy??? Is he doing the right thing???


Irving is a conspiracy theorist. He got fined last season for violating the NBA’s coronavirus protocols by partying maskless indoors. Afterward, he talked about prioritizing what’s important.

He doesn´t understand

He is not the only one. We have from the Warriors Andrew Wiggins playing with Fire.
He may not be able to play any home games.
I did not know Kyrie as well.
Those guys are millionaires so be it.
If he is causing drama, better for Lakers to go all the way.

If he keeps doing things like this, I don´t see NBA in his future.

He'll end up getting it. Can't pass up all that money

Money talks!

He had been infected with first World problems

Needs a reality check

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