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While the NBA is coming to a TV set near you, WNBA is pushing through the playoffs contention. You probably see a glimpse of the ladies winning Gold medals in the last Olympic in Japan. Now they are competing against each other for the ultimate one. The scoring line looks more like the guys. The ladies can ball and they can shoot three's from all angles. They are suave the way they handle the ball.

Diana score 37 points while she is 39 years old. She used to be Kobe great friend. You can tell she loves Basketball to play for that long. Mercury has help all over the floor. Griner scored by herself 25 points. Diana is playing with injuries. She can scores with ease over the 3 point line. She dropped 8 out of 11 attempts. This is a well round against against a competition they can envy all night.

When you have a great scoring night over 100, it will be hard for the other teams to replicate this adjustment.
Aces did win the first game of the five series playoffs meeting. Now the match is even. The next game will be more terrific to watch knowing the winner is comfortable for game four.
If you need a spark before the NBA, you got the ladies playing basket for the month of October.
Soon we will have a Champion. What team are you watching lately in the WNBA?