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After a game suspension, LBJ is back to show the world how he plays the game.
Lately Lakers has been the laughing stock of the NBA.
Maybe this is the test we have been waiting for.
No AD, LeBron with teammates managed to win in over time.

I am not sure how many games they could win that way.
Lakers should build upon this solo match to push away in the standings.
Now I bear to understand if that game suspension plays a role for the team
to play better. The West is about to be as speculative as it can be.
Clearly a strong lakers team can make a push.

The sad part for Lakers, LBJ is the integral player to guarantee a win every night.
As long he plays solid and be a solicitor, Lakers can literally grab the West.
One game cannot decide a season, one game can truly set the pace for the team
to pull ahead. Westbrook had a decent game though. As long he understand his role in the rotation,
he may shine and be the celebrity piece Lakers need for a put this season.


Here is the schedule for the rest of 2021.
I can see 12 wins by December 31st. That will put the team at 22-15.
That should help them to move away from 500 and start marching up the rank.
Tomorrow is another game.
How many games you think they can win?


They've just looked so bad this year. I think they will end up around 500 by the end of the year, they just don't have the on court chemistry they need even with Bron in the game

I can see the same thing.
Let see how they conclude this year.
Who knows they have a hidden gear we do not know about