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I was watching this clip this morning in rapport of Pau Gasol joining the Lakers.
The fun part is the look over Stephen A. Smith always mad ready to battle the other guy.
That moustache is out of style for him. So glad he got rid of it and now he is still doing his thing
for the NBA.

Kwame Brown was a waste for the NBA. He was a big guy with potential. Playoff pro is a whole difference thesis.
I think as a fan the preparation to even play plus readiness to win is another aspect of the game. Some folks got the opportunity
and they see the paycheck and it suffices them to hang around till the contract is over.

Having a heart of a Champion is another caliber. Pau Gasol was a great addition for the Lakers. He was never a number one option but enough depth to complement any team. Now you need to understand playing with Kobe, you have to put up a lot and you need a heart of a champion to even be there. He will challenge you.
You can see Pau Gasol did bring his A game and did help Lakers to win a couple of trophies.
Now he finally retires from the games while his brother still play.
Gasol brothers can say they play their heart for the game they love


Nice one boss