3200 dunk staked so far(Eyes On Other Communities)

in #hive-1952547 months ago

finally am on the verge of pushing to my set-target for the year,Dunk social to me is one of the best community on hive ecosystem,just as other communities too and one of the fast growing one also.

It is another level attained on dunk with more than 3000 dunk token stake so far with the hope of giving back to the community out of what have recieved so far.

I posted a content on proofofbrain of recent where I wrote ✍️ a letter to @proofofbrain talking on how staked problem can be solved so soon ,just to avoid users who as no plans to give back to the community too,have begin my first step of giving back to each community by staking on dunk first too.

I don't have targets for only dunk social alone ,as my targets for other communities like proofofbrain, leofinace, sportstalksocial and splinterlands among others are still on the way.

Getting to stake Is another Way of giving back to the communities and this is what have learnt of recent,have come across lot of contents and articles that talks about staking of recent.It as really shows how giving back to the community in terms of staking too will help, honestly am also Open for delegations,as I will love to help every users too in the dunk community.

I foreseen a better future for the hive communities and not just dunk alone,that is why I see staking at large as a life that everyone should buy for themselves, Honestly am not done yet while it comes to staking all token earn on this platform as more will come in few days too.