Are you buying DUNK yet?

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about 9k Dunk achieved by him today 🙁

And to think he posts regularly, I am loving his spirit :)


Is there something no one is telling me about? Well there could be, and now am here to tell You to reconsider having a balance of 0 Dunk!

Hehe, am off to see if anyone will come sell to me cheeper or others will beat me to buying more directly from sell wall.

I'd say the new tribe is just about doing well, regardless of the token price, I mean if anyone is to sell now it would go down more than 450% because the bid on that wall is 0.01 Hive per dunk (don't be that guy) there's still a long way to go.

But notwithstanding, it has nothing to do with you losing out :)

Not Financial Advice, Trade wisely


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Those were some big buys today in the market, love watching the price action!

I've been in the market since morning, I noticed his first purchase lol, I've been tryna hit a couple cheaper rates with some other competitors, hehe. It's been quite a day.

I already bought a few last 2 weeks. I haven't started regretting not buying more, I hope I don't and hope I do at the same time.

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Yea, that's true, I recall us having that conversation. Well, it really depends on your target amount you wish to own, that's the only thing that should bring regrets if you couldn't achieve them, anything else would be greed.

Greed is important too, man😂😂

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Staked the few I got from the airdrop. Might be getting some more after seeing this. Nice one from pouchon

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Oh really depends on your target amount you wish to own, that's the only thing that should bring regrets if you couldn't achieve them anything else would be greed. Thanks for sharing.

as a big fan of basketball I should support
this tribe. Just think only post about Basket ball
it should be easy.
I almost miss it early but thanks to @daltono
I am here.
I am trying to reach a good amount
before the price jumps to high.

My target is to reach 50k tokens, then 100k, and then seeing you sweep the markets out, lol, I figured that may be a bit difficult, but notwithstanding, I am still in a nice position.

It's nice to see that there are others having faith in this project.

Not getting mine!

Haha, better hold them tight then :)