My Apologies // Future of Dunksocial

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What's Been Going On

Hey Guys.

If you look at the last post from my personal account @rob23 you will see that I've been going through a period where my focus has been on self improvement.

I am a gambling addict.

With that being the case, I had always thought that I loved basketball so much, but I think I really just enjoyed betting on the games and the thrill it would give me.

Dunksocial On Hold

I won't go and say this will be the last post ever here, because there are certain aspects of the game I do like and the community building aspect of a tribe is something that I love... But I can't make any promises.

I'm sorry that I didn't give this tribe the effort that it truly deserved. I just didn't have my head in it and now that I am being more honest with myself, I know that it is not something that I can put my whole heart into right now.

Thank you to those who supported me and who joined this community. I wish you the best and I hope that one day there comes a time where @dunksocial will be relevant again.

Good luck y'all


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Thanks for letting us know. Sad to see the tribe on hold but we absolutely understand. Good luck!

It is a sad day, but I saw this coming 😥 A tribe is a lot of work that needs a team, hoping some day dunksocial rise again because nba and basketball on #HIVE it is a lot of potential and a win for everybody. Be blessed and I hope you fix all your personal problems.

I have just discovered @dunksocial community and realised that it is not active.

Well, maybe it's not the best time, in any case I'll be around here sharing my SORARE NBA reports and some preditions so if it becomes active again we'll meet again.

All the best in your current and future projects!!!